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Today millions of children are entrapped in the sex trafficking industry, while millions of others face a bleak life of extreme poverty as a result of losing parental care and are faced with a problematic future of little education, and no way of breaking free from the cycle of poverty without someone to intervene on their behalf. These children need our help.

We have seen how sponsorship changes lives as it empowers vulnerable children who otherwise face a dark future with no opportunity to break this cycle on their own.

For the many children HOHI has rescued from the sex trafficking industry, and for children living in extreme poverty with little hope of a better future, HOHI provides loving care and a range of services for abandoned or at-risk children and orphans. These services include:

This comprehensive care and training can break the cycle for these children by keeping them from begging or being used in child labour, and protects them from being pulled into the child trafficking industry.  We are grateful for each of our sponsors, who in the midst of a pandemic, assist these children to see a hopeful future. On behalf of each child we warmly thank you for your sponsorship. 

You can join our sponsor family. Sponsor a child today.

Standards of Care

Our standards of care are encapsulated in the HOHI Twelve Essentials. We require our partnered projects to implement high standards of child safety and protection at all times. Where possible we seek to reunite children with family whenever it is safe to do so.


HOHI’s projects in India are aimed at the rescue and recovery of sex trafficking victims, and prevention of children at risk being pulled into this industry. These children must be given comprehensive care from the years of trauma and abuse they have faced, both physically and psychologically, and require a lot of love in order to rebuild their future into one of hope and opportunity.

HOHI has supported children’s projects in Miraj for over 14 years including a girls’ home, senior girls’ home, and boys’ home for children who have have been exposed or at risk of exposure to the sex trafficking industry. HOHI has also developed a Night Creche for the children of sex workers in Miraj who would otherwise witness the trauma of their mothers work each night. This is a crucial step in breaking the cycle that they would likely be pulled into themselves. At any given time over 40 children are receiving care.

HOHI’s Pune project cares for 10 girls whose lives are also being healed from years of trauma, abuse and hopelessness as a result of their exposure to the sex trafficking industry. They now have the opportunity to break the cycle and build their own future that is successful, hopeful and free.


The Dhaka project also helps rescue young girls from the sex trafficking industry and provides a safe house, physical and psychological healing and recovery in order to slowly build a better future that is full of hope, success and freedom.


HOHI supports 3 transitional homes for orphans in Indonesia. These homes are for genuine orphans, or children who have been abused or severely neglected.

The Jakarta orphan home commenced in 2004. It has been a small home for many years but recently thanks to a generous donation from our project partner a new facility has been built.

There are many orphans and children in need of care in this bustling city. HOHI has been supporting orphans through a transitional home in Surabaya for many years.

HOHI first became involved in Medan following the tsunami crisis of 2004. After providing thousands of relief packages a refuge was established in Medan for tsunami widows and orphans. The home was then later developed into a transitional home for children at risk. HOHI has built a large complex in Medan and we are looking forward to expanding our care for children following COVID-19.


Maputo is the capital of one of the poorest nations in the world with chronic unemployment challenges. Many children have been orphaned or abandoned and many can be seen scavenging on garbage dumps throughout the day. HOHI cares for a group of 10 children, providing a safe place to live, loving care, protection, education and vocational training, enabling them to break the cycle of a life in extreme poverty and begin building a hopeful future.

Sponsor A Child

Sponsor A Child


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Frequently Asked Questions

HOHI is managed by a great team of volunteers and has only one part time paid office administrator. With low overheads of 10% for administration and 7% for compliance, HOHI ensures that 83% reaches the children and women in need. HOHI also provides the possibility of contact with your sponsor child through letter writing or a video connection. Some sponsors also join a team that visits the various projects.

There are always costs involved in managing not for profit organizations. HOHI employs an administrator who manages sponsorships and the HOHI office. There are costs involved in media, insurance, phones, communication with sponsors, etc. We are careful to ensure we are good stewards with every donated dollar.

For most projects, 90% of donated funds go directly to the needy. In rare cases, that percentage goes down to 83%. Our aim is to keep that number as high as possible.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have further inquiries on this matter.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. Receipts are issued through Global Development Group.

The problem of world poverty is enormous and can often seem unconquerable. Looking at the overwhelming nature of world poverty can be discouraging. However, by approaching the problem one child at a time, lives can be saved. By sponsoring a child today, you are giving hope to one person, helping take away their suffering and offering them a better life. We change the world one person at a time.

Children will remain in a HOHI sponsorship programme until they turn 18, or are adopted, or until we find foster care for them, or until they graduate from college or with other qualifications and can be employed. We understand that sometimes the financial situation of a sponsor changes, and they are no longer able to continue sponsoring a HOHI child. If your financial situation as a sponsor changes, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible.

Your letters are most welcome. Please contact the HOHI office for more information if you would like to write a letter to your sponsor child.

The Australian government gives 0.4% of its budget to international aid. The UN recommended percentage of a country’s budget allocated to international aid is 0.7%. The Australian government falls short. Even if the Australian government could reach this standard, it would not be enough to eradicate poverty. We need your help to break the cycle of poverty.