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Christmas Appeal

Each Christmas HOHI gives a gift to each widow and child in the projects we support. We encourage you to make a Christmas gift donation once again this year and we will pass on your gift in time for Christmas.

Homes of Hope International

Sponsor a Child

For the many children HOHI has rescued from the sex trafficking industry, and for children living in extreme poverty with little hope of a better future, HOHI provides loving care and a range of services for abandoned or at-risk children and orphans.

Sponsor A Child

Sponsor a child today and help a child have a better future

Sponsor A Human Trafficking Victim

Help us to rescue a child or young woman from a tragic future.

Sponsor A Widow

Sponsor a widow and let your compassion birth hope in the heart of a needy widow.

Welcome to Homes of Hope International

Homes of Hope International works with strategic partners to empower women and children at risk. We provide ways for women and children to escape the poverty cycle, ensuring those we help have food, safe shelter, education and vocational training.

About Homes of Hope International

HOHI works with strategic partners to empower women and children at risk.

We Empower

Provide ways for women and children to escape the poverty cycle. This involves providing food, a safe shelter, education, vocational training, and transformation programmes.


Around the world women often suffer more than men. We focus on widows and help them receive the support, education and vocational training, that will empower them to become independent. Some programmes we support include medical assistance, and meals for needy widows.

Management of Funds

In the 2020-21 financial year, HOHI used less than 10% of funds for administration purposes with the remainder sent to support our initiatives.


We help impoverished children who are without hope, by providing a range of developmental programmes. These include transitional care for genuine orphans or those who are the victims of abuse, comprehensive education, vocational training, trauma recovery therapy and counselling. Specialised programmes assist the recovery of sex trafficking victims, while preventative programmes protect vulnerable young girls from being trafficked.

At Risk

We seek to help the poorest of the poor, those who are incapable of escaping the cycle of poverty.

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