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Why donate to HOHI?2017-06-09T04:45:11+10:00

There are thousands of organisations out there, but only few who actually spend your money on what they claim to be spending it on. At HOHI, our promise to you and covenant with God is to be faithful and truthful with how we spend the money you give us. We will always be 100% transparent with you, so please feel free to contact us should you have any questions, concerns or queries.

Where does the other ±10% go?2017-06-09T04:45:36+10:00

In all projects, there are always behind the scene funds that need to be used for administration purposes. Examples: in country staff, orphanage needs, HOHI maintenance, etc.

What percentage of funds go directly to the needy?2017-06-09T04:45:31+10:00
For most projects, 90% of donated funds go directly to the needy. In rare cases, that percentage goes down to 83%. Our aim is to keep that number as high as possible.

Feel free to contact us directly if you have further inquiries on this matter.

Would my donation be tax-deductible?2017-06-09T04:42:16+10:00

Because of Australian Government policy, donations for the support of orphans or widows are not tax deductible. However, our Safe House for the victims of human trafficking is a tax deductible project. Please contact the HOHI office for more infomation.

Won’t we always have the poor with us? How can my donation possibly make a difference?2017-06-09T04:41:04+10:00

The problem of world poverty is enormous and can often seem unconquerable. Looking at the overwhelming nature of world poverty can be discouraging. However, by approaching the problem one child at a time, lives can be saved. By sponsoring a child today, you are giving hope to one person, helping take away their suffering and offering them a better life. We change the world one person at a time.

Is HOHI a Christian organization?2017-06-09T04:40:47+10:00

HOHI is a non-denominational Christian organization, guided by high standards of Christian love and ethics.

How long will my child sponsorship last?2017-06-09T04:38:50+10:00

Children will remain in a HOHI sponsorship programme until they turn 18, or are adopted, or until we find foster care for them. We understand that sometimes the financial situation of a sponsor changes, and they are no longer able to continue sponsoring a HOHI child. If your financial situation as a sponsor changes, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible.

Can I correspond with my sponsor child?2017-06-09T04:38:22+10:00

Your letters are most welcome. Please contact the HOHI office for more information if you would like to write a letter to your sponsor child.

Aren’t I already giving to the poor through the taxes I pay to the Australian government?2017-06-09T04:38:04+10:00

The Australian government gives 0.4% of its budget to international aid. The UN recommended percentage of a country’s budget allocated to international aid is 0.7%. The Australian government falls short. Even if the Australian government could reach this standard, it would not be enough to eradicate poverty. We need your help to break the cycle of poverty.